How to Set up Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku streaming stick is a key to unlock the world of limitless entertainment. Thus, all users need to set up Roku stick. So, here we have penned the steps regarding how to set up Roku stick. Therefore, scroll down and check the information discussed below. The Roku streaming stick setup helps the users to watch the TV when they want to watch. The Roku streaming stick gives smooth streaming with channels that get launched. Through the help of the Roku stick, one can enjoy the hassle-free streaming.

For all beginners who are looking for the ways for Roku stick setup, we have enlisted the simple and straightforward steps on how to set up a Roku stick. But, before we proceed further with the steps to set up Roku stick, get aware of how Roku stick works.

How Roku Stick Work?

The Roku device connected to the TV with the help of HDMI cable. Roku device requires inter via wired or wireless connection to the home network. The Roku device works by downloading the videos from the internet and then one can watch on TV. The Roku streaming stick works like installing an app on a Smartphone or tablet.

The users suggested to set up Roku stick for non-stop entertainment. So, to avail the features of Roku, it is necessary for all users that they must set up Roku. Thus for that, we here come up with the steps regarding how to set up Roku streaming stick.

There are a majority of channels on Roku are streamed on-demand, but there are a quite few live streaming services available. Therefore, to take benefits of the Roku streaming, it is essential to aware of the methods provided below regarding how to set up a Roku stick.

Ways to Setup Roku Streaming Stick

The users who are not able to take advantages of Roku streaming stick, or have bought a new Roku streaming device; thus, for them, the Roku streaming stick setup would be helpful. But, the users have to ensure that TV should be compatible, because if the TV does not support Roku, then the users won’t be able to take benefits of Roku stick. User must see how to do Roku TV setup perfectly before implementing the steps below.

  1. The users are suggested to find the HDMI port on the TV.
  2. Then, make sure that the input support HDCP 2.2.
  3. After this, insert the Roku streaming stick into the HDMI port. In case, if the Roku stick does not get connected with the TV due to the space issue, then make use of HDMI extender cable.
  4. Now, on the Remote control of the TV, look and press the Input button or the source button to toggle to the same input that you use for the Roku streaming stick.
  5. Then proceed further to power ON the Roku streaming stick on the remote.
  6. So, carefully connect the small end of the USB power cable with the advanced wireless receiver into the Roku streaming stick.
  7. Then, insert the other end in the USB port on the TV.

Setup Roku Streaming Stick with a Power Extender Cable

  • Along with this, the users can also insert to the power supply with the help of power extender cable.
  • The insufficient power from the TV may cause instability or crashing or any other unpredictable issue.
  • After this, in a few seconds, the Roku logo will get display on the screen of the TV.
  • In case, if the logo does not appear on the screen, then make sure that you have tuned in to the correct input in the TV.
  • For more help, get in touch with the Roku experts.
  • Then, insert the batteries into the remote and make sure that the batteries are placed firmly and correctly.
  • Later on, the remote will start flashing, which means that it is ready to pair. In case if there is no light, then try to insert new batteries.
  • After this, the remote will get paired automatically.
  • If it doesn’t get a pair, then press and hold the pairing button for five seconds.
  • Then by doing this, the light in the battery compartment on the remote will start flashing, that means that it is ready to pair.
  • After this, select the preferred language and connect the Roku player with the network to activate the Roku account and start streaming the TV shows and movies over the internet.
  • In case, if the network does not appear in the list, then select the scan again option to see the network.
  • Make sure that the network which you are looking for should be the same that is connected with computer or the Smartphone.
  • Then select the wireless network and key in the password.
  • If all checks get green, then you are ready to go further.
  • Now, the Roku player will download the latest software; by doing this, the user can get aware of the latest features and updates automatically.

Set the Display Type

  • When the update gets completed, then the users are prompted to set the display type.
  • So, press the OK button on the remote. By doing this, the Roku player will analyze the HDMI connection and determine the best resolution for the TV.
  • If the results are not as expected, ensure that all HDMI cables are connected firmly.
  • Want to watch 4K content, then the input on the TV must support the HDCP 2.2.
  • If the user makes any changes, then analyze the HDMI connection again.
  • After this, continue with the automatic configuration and confirm that the screen looks good.
  • Now set up Roku remote to control the volume and power on the TV.
  • For that, select check remote settings option.
  • After this, the music will begin playing.
  • If the user hears the sound, then point the Roku remote at the TV and confirm.
  • In case, if there is no sound, then turn up the volume with the TV remote.
  • Then the Roku remote will attempt to mute the volume.
  • After this, confirm that you don’t want to hear the music anymore.
  • If it does not get muted, then manually enter the brand of the TV and later try again.
  • Next, the activation screen will get open, showing the link code.
  • The link code will used online for connecting the Roku player with the Roku account.

Create Roku Account and Activate the Streaming Stick

  • Then, open the official website and key in the activation code, after this, the user can sign in to the existing Roku account or one can also create a new Roku account.
  • Thus, to prevent unwanted purchases, set a security pin.
  • Then the user will ask to save the mode of payment that makes it easier to run or purchase the content from the account.
  • Finally, add some of the best favourite channels now to be ready to stream on the TV.
  • The users can also add or remove the channels whenever they required.
  • Now to complete the activation, click on the continue option.
  • After this, the channels will start populating on the TV immediately.
  • Once done, the users can also download the Roku app.
  • Then through the app, the device will turn into a fully functioning Roku remote for the Roku player.

That’s it, these all were the necessary steps for how to set up Roku streaming stick. Thus, we hope that the information provided above was helpful for all users who were in search of the solution on how to set up Roku stick. Therefore, if anyhow user encounters any issue during Roku stick setup, then take help from the experts of the Roku.